If you’re a player with a strong taste for unique, hand built custom axes, you’re in the right place. Welcome! I started playing guitar when I was fourteen years old back in Pittsburgh, PA and was soon obsessed. When I wasn’t jamming with my best friend, I was hanging out at the now famous Pittsburgh Guitars, soaking up everything I could from guitar guru, Carl Greffenstette.   I wanted to work in a guitar shop when I grew up but I started working as a producer of documentary and non-fiction television.  Fun times; and continues to be so.  Yet I missed my connection to guitars.  I was blessed enough over the years to have two custom built guitars of my own and that got me to thinking:  Why not create a custom built guitar that discriminating players would love but that wouldn’t bust the checking account wide open?  The idea is to mash together a custom build with a production model.  The VectorJet-CG was born.   Why that name?  My friends know that  when they ask me how things are going one of my sayings is that I’m “vectoring the planes for traffic” (I’m an aviation buff too, love listening to air traffic control).   And the “CG?”  Yep, that designation also refers to airplanes.  It’s an aviation abbreviation meaning “center of gravity.” Thanks for checking us out.  Stick around and browse the site.  I look forward to getting a VectorJet-CG into your hands!  I guarantee it will be a guitar you’ll cherish forever and hand down to the other guitar players in your family and your life.